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We know how stressful debt problems are, that is why we provide debt management plans. A debt management plans an informal arrangement; which we can reach between our clients and creditors, to enable clients to repay their debts in one affordable payment.


The main benefits of a debt management plan are:


1. Clients make one affordable monthly payment

2. We are able to get many creditors to freeze interest

3. We provide clients monthly statements to monitor their accounts

4. All creditors are paid pro rata as part of the monthly payment

5. We liaise with creditors, thus relieving stress on clients

6. We also help with client financial planning

7. In many cases, clients are debt free with 60 months

8. In extreme cases, we can advise if there is a need for bankruptcy




Cash flow is important to all business. Many potentially profitable businesses are in danger of getting bankrupt, if debtors are late in paying, and creditors are demanding payment.


The main services we offer our business clients with respect to debt management include:


1. Advice on how to improve flow

2. Advice on necessary legislation to charge interest on late payments

3. Credit control and letters to late debtors

4. Advice on situations where voluntary liquidation may be option


  Debt Management